I love this Cat a lot !!
He is also my best friend of over 20 years…


P.O.V. from my Alter Ego ( THE ANGRYWULF):

I will be adding a lot of his artworks…and probably a live Skype art conversation with Jeepee !!
I grew as an illustrator by feeding on our friendship .
i have stop counting the numbers of style that he has mastered after 15 .

He is also one of the rarest European (Congolese) comicbook artist to sign a 50/50 deal with a Major
(Dark Horse)…yep i know that means money , considering that money (Dark Horse) came by knocking at his front door .

To earn respect and to deserve respect you must impose your will on them !!
Considering that he is pushing the pace and raising the bar way High…

i wouldn’t be able to answer to him artistically by staying in Montreal (no money in here Mtl the realist is not L.A., Tokyo or Abu Dhabi or Taka-alé-te-fer-niker)

So stay tune …

More to come and thank you for your visit !!!