This is simply THE Shipudden Naruto fan movie, which is in two parts (here the two are combined). The most surprising aspect of this short film is the quality of the implementation of special effects and fighting, the el-character character design we could really believe a Live Action Movie Official.

The story takes place after the saga Bread with Naruto become the hero he always wanted to be. Seeing Naruto approaching his dreams, Rock Lee decided he, too, continue to grow and pushed his drive further. Naruto decides to challenge Lee in a duel in hopes of reviving his passion to become the best ninja. Naruto accepts the challenge of his close friend, and so, the fight is on! The growth of the power and spirit of Naruto Kyubi will they beat the hard work, or Lee, he will exceed its limits to become his most powerful adversary? Thousand Pounds Action Company has prepared you, “Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight”!

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