Joshua Kissi : In the digital age there is a tendency no matter how grand, or minuscule for information to get lost in the cracks of the World Wide Web. The B.I Doc series were inspired by the simple conversations we have from day to day with people who we are inspired by and encapsulating this feeling, texture, tone in it’s raw format.  Thank you to those of you who viewed/supported the first doc series featuring designer, and style connoisseur Kevin Stewart.

We’re excited to present our second installment of our Black Ivy Docs series featuring Ali of A Noble Savage. You may have already followed his notable blog, which gives a plethora of artistic expressions through a stylistic eye. Ali, a frequent collaborator, colleague, and mentor his studio has made appearances from the home aerial shot for Jesse Boykins III’s “Light to Dark” video, to more recently the layout installment for our recent Del Toro shoe collaboration.

During our early blogging years Street Etiquette was based on combining clothing and the historical context behind each piece. Well, Ali’s ever-evolving studio is a time machine within itself, with vintage 1950s LEVIS jeans randomly placed accompanied by antique ceremonial wear from 1920s Ghana; his studio never mirrors the same layout you happen to see it that particular day. Ali contains a wealthy knowledge of the past; while he pursues the future with his very own personal installations he builds from scratch.

Black Ivy Doc:  Story – This all started out as a stem from the Black Ivy editorial, which we premiered over a year ago. Black Ivy featured 25 or so friends, creating an experience that we may have underestimated ourselves. Ideally based on a documentary format solely using images, voice and ambiance, we wanted to tell stories visually through people we’re inspired by. We thought that conversations and stories have been told since the genesis of time – then, stories of hunting on cave walls, and now, descriptions of going to the grocery store told in under 140 characters. Same sentiments..

Ending note: We would like to thank Cleon Grey of Layonbone who provided the visuals for this project, Ali for inviting us to his private studio, and you guys for continuing to support our endeavors.  There is more to come!