Yep !!!
Another Geneva Native… I m a freelance illustrator/digital Artist/Anime coloring Artist/Special FX/ Vjay.
I have worked in the animation field for 8 years my work include Triplettes de Belleville,Manga Latina,Monica in America,Lost World,TotallySpies,Martin Mysteries and Team Galaxy…

Now as a fully pledged MMA (Mabika Makes Arts)

All the time creating and experimenting , never stoppin . Full time Perfomer and Dj mainly on the laptop and a Megaphone, Amarula and Chai Tea. 
Mabika-Ki,Ted DeGeneve, mainly Vosgueules. Given name Mabika Kumbu_ki-lutete-ki-Thamba Ravana, always sketching with a graphic tablet. 
No time for your selfishness. We shake ass, we stomp feet and raise hands in the air… Welcome in the era of change. 
Here’s the scoop… It’s a new day for African 
I am Dark coz i had Black Thought as teacher… 
Still Alive Bitches! Born alone, now with splendid muses. Been in different places seen different sounds , foods and rituals My eyes have seen the smiles of a million conceptual parties. 
Lookout Festival, CoorporateGigs, clubs, bars, Private loft parties and supperclub , i coming for dinner .