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Westerners got stock into the definition of young adolf. This symbol vibrate in me for what it is:
Love, Light, Luck, Hope and Abundance!
In this Age of Aquarius. Let the real Swastika nature shine on us, we are not in
the 40’s anymore…LET GO OF THAT FEAR!!!



This is simply THE Shipudden Naruto fan movie, which is in two parts (here the two are combined). The most surprising aspect of this short film is the quality of the implementation of special effects and fighting, the el-character character design we could really believe a Live Action Movie Official.

The story takes place after the saga Bread with Naruto become the hero he always wanted to be. Seeing Naruto approaching his dreams, Rock Lee decided he, too, continue to grow and pushed his drive further. Naruto decides to challenge Lee in a duel in hopes of reviving his passion to become the best ninja. Naruto accepts the challenge of his close friend, and so, the fight is on! The growth of the power and spirit of Naruto Kyubi will they beat the hard work, or Lee, he will exceed its limits to become his most powerful adversary? Thousand Pounds Action Company has prepared you, “Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight”!

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Been Following this kick ass Artist for a while… as a Vj his animations were like a late nite pot smoker in search of munchies !!

Then i got hook on Tron Uprising and guess who was the Art director on that Project ?

How can you dislike this guy work ?!!
Ok don’t like it cauz you ain’t go no taste …

Mr. Elmac from L.A. doing is thang Worldwide…an Inspiration to follow….

They are Influencing my painting directions these days

Enjoy this journey from People from Sunny California…

Last month, En Masse drove up to Ste-Foy, Quebec, to work on 4 walls of 16′ x 16′. Including 2 members from Quebec City and 4 of the Montreal side of the project, the En Masse crew worked on a period of 5 days to accomplish this piece of work. Thanks to La Maison Simons for allowing us to screw around with their walls.

Finger drawing like you never seen it before !!

Being persistant got me to work for this Gentleman Sylvain Chomet of The Triplets of Belleville…Shoutout to Benedicte Galup for trusting me on this Oscar nominee (Cannes’s winner)
And yes still hooked on the blue pencil approach anyhow…Enjoy !!

Mural by artist Gene Pendon for Cirque du Soleil


I love this Cat a lot !!
He is also my best friend of over 20 years…

P.O.V. from my Alter Ego ( THE ANGRYWULF):

I will be adding a lot of his artworks…and probably a live Skype art conversation with Jeepee !!
I grew as an illustrator by feeding on our friendship .
i have stop counting the numbers of style that he has mastered after 15 .

He is also one of the rarest European (Congolese) comicbook artist to sign a 50/50 deal with a Major
(Dark Horse)…yep i know that means money , considering that money (Dark Horse) came by knocking at his front door .

To earn respect and to deserve respect you must impose your will on them !!
Considering that he is pushing the pace and raising the bar way High…

i wouldn’t be able to answer to him artistically by staying in Montreal (no money in here Mtl the realist is not L.A., Tokyo or Abu Dhabi or Taka-alé-te-fer-niker)

So stay tune …

More to come and thank you for your visit !!!