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Westerners got stock into the definition of young adolf. This symbol vibrate in me for what it is:
Love, Light, Luck, Hope and Abundance!
In this Age of Aquarius. Let the real Swastika nature shine on us, we are not in
the 40’s anymore…LET GO OF THAT FEAR!!!









Jewish Afrobeat? Why not? Afrobeat emerged from Nigeria while Israel, the homeland of Jewish people, is way over in the Middle East, but culturally, the two countries might not be that far apart: there are those who believe a particular group of Igbos from Nigeria might be a lost tribe of Israel (throughout history, large populations of dispersed Jews became “lost” through forced conversions and cultural assimilation). The documentary Re-emerging: The Jews of Nigeria, currently screening in the States, examines the issue, and points to similarities in Igbo and Jewish cultures. You can read more about it in this NPR article.

Are they really Jews? Who knows? What we do know is that mashing up jewish music and Afrobeat can work, as it does brilliantly in the hands of the 13-piece Jewish Afrobeat band Zion80. The evidence, their eponymous new album.

On the album, this NYC-based band brings together two legends, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (a religious teacher and composer considered by many to be the foremost Jewish religious songwriter of the 20th century) and Afrobeat funk master Fela Anikulapo Kuti (inventor of Afrobeat, producer, arranger, musician, political radical, outlaw and showman par excellence), and explore the music of the former through the lens of the latter.

Thus Carlebach melodies are arranged using the polyrhythmic intensity of Afrobeat, and the result is spiritual, groovy and tight as a drum. Excerpts and one full track below.

Fela’s creation has inadvertently become his gift to the world. You know how you read about the roots of, say Metal, Rock and Roll or Jazz and think, “wow, so that’s where they came from?!” With the way Afrobeat is increasingly being bands from all corners of the globe, and sometimes blended with styles of music, as Zion80 have done, I have a feeling people in the not too distant future will one day read about how some far out new style of music from some completely unexpected part of the world has its roots in Afrobeat, and they too will be going “wow!”.







Icarus’s dream

Yves Rossy is a Swiss pilot, inventor and aviation enthusiast. His jet pack has led to his being nicknamed Airman, Jetman, Rocketman and, later, Fusionman, according to his project steps.

Born in Neuchâtel, Rossy served as a fighter pilot in the Swiss Air Force, flying Dassault Mirage IIIs, Northrop F-5 Tiger IIs and Hawker Hunters. He flew Boeing 747s for Swissair, and later for Swiss International Air Lines.[2]

Rossy developed and built a system comprising a back pack with semi-rigid aeroplane-type carbon-fiber wings with a span of about 2.4 metres (7.9 ft), powered by four attached Jet-Cat P200 jet engines[3] modified from large kerosene-fueled model aircraft engines. Later in 2008, he made a flight over the Alps, reaching a top descent speed of 304 km/h (189 mph) and an average speed of 124 mph.[4][5]
Jet-powered wing

In November 2009, Rossy attempted a crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar, hoping to be the first person to fly between two continents using a jetpack. He leapt from a small plane about 1,950 m (6,500 ft) above Tangier in Morocco in the direction of Atlanterra in Spain. The flight was expected to take about a quarter of an hour but, due to strong winds and cloud banks, Rossy ditched into the sea, to be picked up ten minutes later by his support helicopter three miles from the Spanish coast. He was flown to a hospital in Jerez, and later released unhurt. The Spanish Coast Guard later retrieved the jetpack (which had a parachute and a float).[6][7][8][9]

On 5 November 2010, he flew a new version of his jet-powered flight system and successfully performed two aerial loops before landing via parachute. He launched from a hot air balloon piloted by Brian Jones at 2,400 meters (7,900 feet). [10]

Press releases by sponsors claim that on 7 May 2011, Rossy flew above the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The United States Federal Aviation Administration classified his flight system as an aircraft, waived the normal 25 to 40 hours of flight testing time, and granted him permission to perform the flight. Reporters and a Swiss news website, who had been waiting since the original flight on the day before had been canceled, were not informed so there are no independent witnesses or reports of the flight. [11][12]

He was featured on an episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans.[13] He has also appeared on the BBC’s Top Gear where he raced Richard Hammond and Toni Gardemeister.

Gryphon’s Next-Gen Parachute System Dresses You In A Stealth Wingsuit, Lets You Fly In Undetected
Remember how cool Jetman Yves Rossy looked on his jet-powered wing? Soldiers may soon be zooming across the sky on a similar-looking wingsuit with Gryphon’s new Next Generation Parachute System.

Described as a modular upgrade for parachute systems, it can help soldiers glide across the sky during high altitude jumps. On a typical 30,000 feet drop performed by US Special Forces, the wearer can glide stealthily for up to 30 miles at around 60 mph, allowing the team to launch much further from the target destination. When fitted with a small jet engine like Rossy uses, that can easily double up to 60.

The Next Generation Parachute System consists of a 6-foot wing that provides a glide ratio of 5:1. All equipment can be hidden in a lifting body, allowing the soldier to fly in with a very low chance of showing up on any enemy radars. The wingsuits will include a guidance system and display navigation – after all, it doesn’t make sense to float up in the air with no clue where you’re going.

While it will allow soldiers to glide in undetected, there’s a problem: they’ll still need to launch a parachute in order to land. You can fool all the radars in the world as you enter the territory, but if you’re falling from the sky with a big-ass canopy, someone’s bound to catch you all the same.

According to the Gryphon, they’re trying to develop ways to perform landings without the aid of a parachute to overcome the obvious problem. Now, when they do manage that, these soldiers will literally be swooping down like Superman. Or Mighty Mouse, since his size makes him stealthier.

Regardless, I want one.

Fat, Sick and; Nearly Dead

I am starting a diet based on juice after researching;
i came up on this interesting documentary which i am sharing with you all…

Part one:

Part two:

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This video is for educational purposes. The information has been hidden for many years and it is very important to bear witness to.
It is also interesting to understand where does the notion of racism comes from and for what purpose !

As a term, scientific racism denotes the contemporary and historical theories that employ anthropology (notably physical anthropology), anthropometry, craniometry, and other disciplines, in fabricating anthropologic typologies supporting the classification of human populations into physically discrete human races that are claimed to be superior or inferior, specifically in a historical context of ca. 1880 to 1930.

Scientific racism was thus most common during the New Imperialism period (ca. 1880s–1914), in the second half of the 19th century, and used in justifying white European imperialism.

After the end of the Second World War (1939–45) and the occurrence of the Holocaust, scientific racism in theory and action was formally denounced, especially in UNESCO’s antiracist statement “The Race Question” (1950):

“The biological fact of race and the myth of ‘race’ should be distinguished. For all practical social purposes ‘race’ is not so much a biological phenomenon as a social myth. The myth of ‘race’ has created an enormous amount of human and social damage. In recent years, it has taken a heavy toll in human lives, and caused untold suffering.”

However, the statement acknowledged that different human races exist. Beginning in the later 20th century, scientific racism has been criticized as obsolete, and as historically used to support or validate racist world-views, based upon belief in the existence and significance of racial categories and a hierarchy of superior and inferior races.

The term “scientific racism” is pejorative as applied to contemporary theories, such as in The Bell Curve (1994), which investigated racial differences in IQ, concluding that genetics explained at least part of the IQ differences between races. Critics argue that such works are motivated by racist presumptions unsupported by available evidence.

Publications such as the Mankind Quarterly, founded as an explicitly “race-conscious” publication, have been accused of scientific racism for publishing articles on controversial interpretations of human evolution, intelligence, ethnography, language, mythology, archaeology, and race subjects.

The pejorative label, “scientific racism”, criticizes studies claiming to establish a connection between, for example, race and intelligence, and argues that this promotes the idea of “superior” and “inferior” human races. Recent authors consider their work to be scientific and dispute use of the term “racism”; they may prefer terms such as “race realism” or “racialism”.

Presented by: Dr. Michael Klaper – 1993

Official Website for Dr. Michael Klaper

Forks Over Knives
See the full documentary FREE online –

A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof

Explore the consequences of a meat (animal based) diet. Are we really designed to be omnivores OR does a plant based diet suit us best?
*** Herbivore vs. Carnivore – You be the judge ! ***

Great websites for helping you transfer from a meat based to a plant based diet.

How science and medicine have betrayed you

Dr. John McDougall


NOT Milk

The Most Comprehensive Listing of Country Health Profiles and World Health Rankings for all leading Causes of Death ever assembled in one place.

Documentary about Big Sugar, from it’s early days with ties to slavery to modern times with it’s detrimental effects on the everglades and political ties. This is both part 1 and part 2. Written & Directed by: Brian McKenna. Produced by:Galafilm in 2005.

As good as this is, it barely touches on the negative effects it has on Florida

Voici l’intégralité du film-documentaire réalisé par le journaliste belge Thierry MICHEL sur  l’assassinat du militant des droits de l’homme, Floribert CHEBEYA et la disparition de son chauffeur Fidèle Bazana.

La rédaction de n’est pas propriétaire de cette vidéo, qui est hébergée sur Youtube.


Un des policiers incriminés, réfugié à l’étranger, accuse le président congolais, Joseph Kabila. Le procès en appel des policiers accusés d’avoir assassiné, en 2010, le défenseur des droits de l’Homme, Floribert Chebeya, a repris ce mardi 23 octobre à Kinshasa, la capitale de la République Démocratique du Congo (RDC).

« Le major Paul Mwilambwe accuse non seulement le général Numbi, mais également le chef de l’Etat Joseph Kabila, d’avoir ordonné l’assassinat de Floribert Chebeya », rapporte RFI. Des accusations réfutées par les autorités congolaises qui remettent en cause la véracité de l’interview de Paul Mwilambwe : « Cette voix ne serait pas la sienne, ni son élocution ; le vrai Paul Mwilambwe serait reconnaissable à un bégaiement », fait savoir RFI.

Le policier qui accuse Joseph Kabila d’avoir commandité le meurtre du défenseur des droits de l’Homme, a brandi son passeport lors de l’entretien, ce qui n’a pas convaincu les autorités congolaises.

Pour rappel, François Hollande a, en marge du Sommet de la Francophonie, inauguré l’Institut français de Kinshasa, une médiathèque baptisée du nom de Floribert Chebeya.

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